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Men's T-Shirts (Custom)

Apparel for men can be tricky, but not with these bespoke designed t-shirts, featuring pop culture icons or characters, 100% different from what you'll find "on" the rack.

As we evolve, we are constantly adding to our product inventory. The following items are available, but only by special order. If you see a pattern from another product elsewhere on our site, but would like to see it on one of the below designs, please let us know the details:

- Your name, email, delivery/recipient’s address (same as purchaser or different), including but not limited to “municipality/locality/town/suburb”, “state/province/county”, “postal/zip code”.

- Design Name
- Product you wish to see it on

- Size (please see size guides) and any other details.

We will create the custom product for you and send you a proof to confirm, along with a payment link.

Calligram T-shirts - $35